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Son Lux // We Are Rising Remixes Album Cover


2012 // 2



diseño gráfico



to be out taking pictures, or even to post here the mountains of shots that i have, would be surely appreciated.



but we don’t get that in college, right?




escenas de la mente

Who is like the Lord?

None. None compare.

All the stars in the universe combined could not come close to the brilliance of His majesty. Even the extent of His creation is beyond our comprehension, from the tiniest atom to the expanse of the heavens. If we can barely begin to grasp the wonder and complexity of creation, how much less can we understand its Creator? The concept of His infinite, eternal nature is beyond our minds and will be until we are either with Him or without Him forever.

If this is not fascinating enough already, He created us and what’s more, He loves us. He gave us minds and bodies too complicated for us to even imagine so that we might think, learn, live, and be able to have a relationship with Him. Our minds are fragile though, and our understanding is limited. It is only my conjecture that possibly He made us this way for several reasons: so that we must depend upon Him for guidance and understanding, so that we must have faith [or else always remain uncertain], and so that we might have an additional blessing to look forward to when He makes us whole when we go to be with Him.

It is during my attempts to grasp the depths and extent of the universe, His creation, His love, and He Himself that I remember that which truly matters. If you think about everything [everything, mind you], you will eventually arrive at the realization that there is nothing else. Beyond this earth, beyond hell, beyond heaven, beyond God, there is nothing else. This is all that there is. Because of this, and because God and His purpose are of highest importance, many aspects of life and its comings and goings are truly trivial. One must remember that some things are not worth worrying about; so continue on with your life. Live according to His word; live according to His purpose, and let nothing sway you or distract you from your purpose, from your faith and your confidence in what truly matters.

He is all that matters, and you are of utmost importance to Him.

escenas del verano